Consequences of Design Choices in General Hospitals

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A general hospital is a large medical facility where patients with many different types of ailments are given care. In the United States there is a movement to improve the interiors of medical facilities by basing planning and design decisions on this evidence of beneficial features to achieve the best possible patient, staff and operational outcomes constituting evidence-based design. As a result these constructed or renovated hospitals will serve patients and be a workplace for personnel for decades. The impact of the physical environment of general hospitals on the health and wellbeing of the patients as well as staff has received accelerating academic attention. Although, the question still remains whether healthcare design and its enormous cost is worth it. A major factor is that no amount of interior design can make up for experienced staff, state of the art technology, and medicine. It is important to know where medicine stops working and where the environment starts to influence healing. Would it be better for the medical community to invest more of their money, time, and resources into the interior environment or to medical advancements? Therefore, the goal of this research is to find…

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