Consequences of Losing The Sense of Touch

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Consequences of Losing The Sense of Touch Touch is the first sense we experience in the womb and may also be the last we experience before death. To understand the consequences of losing the sense of touch we must first understand its benefits. Touch is an important element of how we understand and relate to our world. Touch can convey personal feeling towards one another or it can convey danger such as heat or sharp surfaces. The inability to feel sensations on the ski impacts many different situations and can potentially have dangerous repercussions. Our ability to survive is not generally dependent on our sense of smell or our sense of taste. However, if one does not possess the sense of touch, it can directly imperil our very existence. The consequences for a loss of the ability to process pain would be numerous and catastrophic. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong. Pain’s job is to draw your attention to sensations such as a burn or a bone break so that you can address the cause of the issue. For instance, if you sprained your ankle, without pain receptors your body would have no way of alarming you of the danger. This situation could require you to tear something resulting in a major injury instead of a minor sprain which would take a couple weeks to heal. People born without pain receptors are much more prone to serious accidents resulting in injury or death. Without pain you may not receive an early warning of infections that could

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