Essay about Consequences of Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Negative Effects to Performance Enhancing Drugs At the age of 21 Rob Garibaldi committed suicide and it is believed to be from his consumption of performance enhancing drugs. As a young boy, Rob started to play little league, trying to match his favorite sport hero, and dreaming to make it to the baseball major leagues. Prior to high school, Rob was getting pushed by his coaches he had and scouts start to follow him to have him take supplements and more things that will help him gain weight compounds in other to build muscle in the training program. When Rob was 15 years old, he was playing with a team that was scouted by the California Angels and was encouraged by people who were working with him on weightlifting, condition, taking…show more content…
Performance enhancing drugs are any type of substance that is taken by athletes so they are able to perform better in the sport. Athlete’s use performance enhancing drugs because they want to become better in a sport, such as baseball and football. There are many types of performance enhancing drugs that athletes use. In this paragraph I will be talking about two different kinds of drugs that are used by athletes. The first one is anabolic steroids which is a type of steroid hormone based on androgen testosterone. This drug is also known as AAS or anabolic-androgenic steroid. The anabolic steroid is used by athletes to boost their rate in protein synthesis within the cells. The building of the cellular tissue is noticeable in muscles. The anabolic steroid influences the masculine characteristics which are the growth of the body hair and vocal cords. The anabolic steroids are used as drugs because athletes use it to increase the strength and size of their muscles. It can also gain competitiveness and aggressiveness in which is a trait desirable in sports. They can prescribe anabolic steroids to induce male puberty, stimulate bone growth, promote appetite, and degrade the effects of the muscle decreasing from chronic diseases, like AIDS or cancer. This drug can be available in skin patches, injectable steroids, and oral pills. There are side effects to taking anabolic steroids which are liver pressure, high blood
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