Essay on Consequences of the World War II

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In the World War I individual rights and civil liberty have died. The wartime controls had replaced the free enterprise, exchange controls and import-export regulations had replaced the free trade. The inflation had undermined the sanctity of property. The war had shrunk the rights of individuals and enhanced the power of the State.
The politicizing of economic and social life means that every dispute and every disagreement were now become the matter of national interest. This rivalry had started a vast armament race in the whole world.
Almost all the world used the same political means but ends for which these means applied were different. For example, the goal of the Soviets was communism and Marxist Revolution, the goal of
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During the war, African Americans, women, and Mexican American founded new opportunities in industry but Japanese American were relocated from their homes and were placed in the camps
The World War II has many other complex consequences in the world politics and on the lives of the people.
Economic Effects:
It has been estimated that the war took about 50 million lives. It has also been observed that more civilians were killed than the combatants were. Researchers have noticed that about 20 out of every hundred residences of Germany were destroyed. Almost two and a quarter million house were destroyed in Japan and almost 460,000 in Great Britain and every fifth Greek was left homeless. At least five million people from Eastern Germany and the Baltic States were died due to murder, starvation, exposure etc.
It has been estimated that the direct cost of the war was almost $ 4 trillion. In 1950, the Secretary of Army Gordon Gray said that the ultimate cost of that war was about four times of its direct cost.
In United States the fiscal effects of the World War II was great and can be seen and felt easily. The price tag, in then current terms, was $ 350 billion. Almost all the taxes were raised immediately. World War II was responsible for making Income Tax, the mass tax. Five million people were enrolled as taxpayers during World War II.

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