Consequentialism, Non- Consequentialism, Virtue Ethics and Care Ethics

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This essay will provide a theoretical understanding of the four ethical frameworks: Consequentialism, Non- Consequentialism, Virtue Ethics and Care Ethics. When applied to a situation these frameworks help teachers to resolve and justify their decision making. The objective is to apply the four frameworks to the scenario Helping Molly, to establish the most ethical course of action. Finally, a recommended course of action will be justification. The overarching ethical issue present within the Helping Molly scenario is the community sponsorship and the alignment with school beliefs and initiatives.

Consequentialism is an ethical perspective that primarily focuses upon the consequences resulting from
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A possible course of action is to accept the further promotion as a whole school, to enable access to new equipment and resources for all students and for Molly to be able to extend her talent.
The utilitarianism perspective involves getting the best outcome for everyone including the teacher. The best outcome for the students in the school would be to provide them with new instruments and give them all a chance to develop their musical skills. The best outcome for Molly would be to further develop her talent thus boosting her self esteem. The best outcome for the school would be to justify the decision to fund Molly’s sponsorship by having the school as a whole gain additional funding and equipment. The best outcome for Molly’s parents and the community is to see the children grow and develop. The best outcome for McJack’s is to establish an improved name for themselves. Finally, the best outcome for the teacher is to encourage a productive learning environment.
The main possibility when looking at the scenario from a Utilitarianism perspective is to provide students with the opportunities to grow. By accepting the further promotion as a school students have access to new instruments and resources. If the school accepted the funding there is no need to entwine Molly into the situation. She has already received her sponsorship. This can be seen as a whole school
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