Conservation And Management Of Wildlife

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Executive summary “The Greatness of nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" - Mahatma Gandhi Unfortunately, we often hear the news about the illicit wildlife trafficking or illegal wildlife trade. Wildlife seems to be traded all around us. It is used not only as pets and trophies but also for food, leather, home decorations and medical purposes. Wildlife is an important part of ecological community as it plays an important role in the environment. I know that conservation and management of wildlife is a very complex issue, but to save wildlife, we should take some positive actions, which requires changes in our life style and changes in our general way of thinking so that the future generations of both wildlife and human can enjoy it. Any actions threatening wildlife and its habitat must be banned right now. Introduction Today more and more wildlife is becoming extinct or in danger of extinction for various reasons. There are different types of wildlife exploitation, with varying effects on the welfare of the animals involved<, n.d>. However, we should notice that wildlife is killed and exploited by us. In other words, Human beings are destroying the planet. Recently, I saw an article on the New Zealand herald, which was about whaling carried out by Japan. Despite the global ban of commercial whaling, Japan has insisted it decided to kill 333 whales a year in order to find out how the marine ecosystem is

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