Conservation Of The Environment : Sea Deoxygenation, Pollution, And The Loss Of Biodiversity

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The world has faced lots problems, many of which are still present today. The most important global issue is the lack of the preservation of the environment. The lack of preservation of the environment has led to ocean deoxygenation, pollution, and the loss of biodiversity. Ocean deoxygenation is causing many issues in marine life as well as death. The increase in pollution is placing many health risks to both land and marine life. The loss of biodiversity causes all living beings to be more vulnerable since biodiversity has many benefits. Firstly, the lack of preservation of the environment is causing the oxygen levels of oceans to decrease. Oxygen gets in the water by two main ways: photosynthesis, and water and air mixing. This means…show more content…
Another point is that phytoplankton, which are very small plants and are the base of the oceanic food chain, have been decreasing by approximately 1% every year over the past century (Parry). This is because of global warming causing an increase in sea temperatures and not allowing oxygen rich water to mix with the cold nutrient filled water (Parry). Phytoplankton support not only marine life, but also land life. They produce about half of the world’s oxygen output and without phytoplankton, the rapid decrease of oxygen will not only negatively affect ocean life but also land life, including humans (Morello). If oxygen levels in the oceans continue to decrease it will not only affect marine life negatively but it will also affect humans and life on land. Secondly, the lack of preservation of the environment is leading to different kinds of pollution. One type of pollution that is happening is air pollution. Air pollution is pollution to the atmosphere caused by factories and industries, humans using transportation that burn fossil fuels, and other factors that can change the atmosphere’s chemical composition (Air). Air pollution can seriously harm many people and can cause them to have problems that range from irritated eyes and nose to cancer (Gray). Another kind of pollution that humans are causing is water pollution. Humans pollute the water
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