Conservation Of The Environment : Sea Deoxygenation, Pollution, And The Loss Of Biodiversity

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The world has faced lots problems, many of which are still present today. The most important global issue is the lack of the preservation of the environment. The lack of preservation of the environment has led to ocean deoxygenation, pollution, and the loss of biodiversity. Ocean deoxygenation is causing many issues in marine life as well as death. The increase in pollution is placing many health risks to both land and marine life. The loss of biodiversity causes all living beings to be more vulnerable since biodiversity has many benefits.

Firstly, the lack of preservation of the environment is causing the oxygen levels of oceans to decrease. Oxygen gets in the water by two main ways: photosynthesis, and water and air mixing. This means that deeper down in the ocean there is less oxygen present and the water is more nutrient filled. With the oxygen levels lowering over 4.5 million square kilometers in the past 50 years, many ocean animals cannot stay in the deep waters anymore so they are moving closer to the surface where the water is rich in oxygen (Welch). This is causing there to be less space for the animals and also causing predators and preys to be in closer proximity. Many animals are dying because of ocean deoxygenation. Since many of the animals are closer to the surface, their populations can decrease rapidly because of the higher concentrations of prey being visible to surface predators, such as birds and humans, to catch and kill. Also, animals such as sea…
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