Conservation vs Preservation

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Conservation Versus Preservation Today, millions of acres of land in our nation have been fortunate enough to not be disrupted by the touch of man. Around the nation it is also always on debate about using the natural resources of those untouched lands to benefit the economy and man in some way. However, there are many who oppose doing this and there are also those who believe we should harness those resources, but in a way that is not damaging. These two beliefs are called conservation and preservation and are very different in the way people look at the land. Preservation refers to leaving the land and all the natural wildlife and plant life alone and not disturbing the natural beauty and natural cycle of life in the environment.…show more content…
Silverstein (2012), “Democrats on the House Committee on Natural Resources, however, are taking a high-profile position in opposition to what they say are watered-down rules that allow natural gas producers to avoid publicly disclosing the chemicals they use to drill” (para. 4). Preserving what natural land we have left now is very important and we should not let it be destroyed or even altered even the slightest in anyway. We have national forests like Bridger-Teton to remind us of what the world use to be like to ensure that we maintain a healthy environment for the nation. Simply conserving them is not enough; we need to preserve them for generations to come so that wildlife may flourish and so that we are always reminded of how important our natural environment is. References Dayton, K. (2012, June 4). Public weighs in on Bridger-Teton National Forest drilling proposal. Star-Tribune. Retrieved from Gas 2. (2013). Retrieved from Silverstein, K. (2013). Forbes. Retrieved from United States Department of
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