Conservatism In Spain

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“The history of Spain is one of the most fascinating in the world and Spanish history has helped to shape the modern world into what it is today” (Spanish History 1). The Spanish history tells many stories of land acquisition, political disputes, and revolutions, but two of the most important pivotal points were the establishment of the Second Spanish Republic and La Movida Madrilena.
The Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed on April 1931 because of an economic crisis called the wall street crash. This ended general Miguel Primo de Rivera’s dictatorial government, and left the working class to choose a republican government rather than be oppressed by the King Alfonso XIII. Furthermore, when King Alfonso XIII saw that the working class
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Furthermore, taking into consideration this turmoil in the inside of the Republican Government and the fact that, at this time, Hitler had risen to power, General Francisco Franco attempted a military coup in july 1936. Although it turned into a half-success and half-failure, for it won in some areas while key areas like Madrid and Catalonia remained with the Republic of Spain, the coup ignited a civil war that lasted until 1939. Something very interesting, however, happened in order for Francisco Franco to succeed. The Fascist governments of Germany and Italy helped Francisco Franco and the Nationalists, and, with those allies, Franco was able to defeat the spanish government (loyalists), and the Soviet Union and European Democracies. Thus, as stated in a don Quijote article, “General Francisco Franco's victory marked the beginning of a forty-year dictatorship in Spain (1939-1975)”(SSP 1); however, even after Germany helped Francisco Franco with his campaign, Francisco Franco did not provide support for Germany and their campaign in the Second World War . Furthermore, one can truly see that the Second…show more content…
Furthermore, since the country was forced to obey a dictator for forty years, the country of Spain was suffering from a great cultural delay, and, thus when Francisco Franco died the country of Spain saw it difficult to catch up to the times. However, don Quijote states as follows “If you lived in the 80’s and remember it, then you didn’t live them”(La Movida 1), thus revealing that the 80’s were, like the U.S’s, a time where drug abuse was legal and common for men, but, at the same time, stating that it was a wonderful time, where people truly lived their lives to the fullest . Furthermore, this particular time was known as La Movida Madrilena which was known for the creativity in fashion, movies, theatre, nightlife, and sexuality that enveloped Spain. This took place after Mayor Enrique Tierno Galvan and King Juan Carlos I established a democracy; consequentially, since many had never experienced true freedom, the movement exploded. Pedro Almodovar, a celebrity in the Movida stated, “It’s difficult to speak of La Movida and explain it to those who didn’t live those years. We weren’t a generation; we weren’t an artistic movement; we weren’t a group with a concrete ideology. We were simply a bunch of people that coincided in one of the most explosive moments in the country”(La Movida 1), consequently interpreting the movement as not being planned at all, for it was
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