Conservative Helix Loop Helix : A Protein Kinase

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Conservative helix-loop-helix ubiquitous kinase (CHUK) is a protein kinase has many cellular targets and also plays a role in NF-kappa B transcription. NF-kappa B is a key mediator in immunity. The CHUK SNP rs11591741 was also associated with response to etanercept (Murdaca 2014). The Fc receptor is a receptor for the Fc portion of immunoglobulins. This receptor is found on the surface of mainly immune cells. They have a protective function and bind to antibodies attached to infected cells or invading pathogens. They can stimulate phagocytotic or cytotoxic cells. Fc receptor polymorphisms FcIIIA-V158F and FcIIA-H131R are significantly associated with lower body surface area (BSA) of psoriasiform plaques in the intermediate point of treatment with TNF-alpha inhibitors (P=0.02, P=0.03) (Julia, M). Late cornified envelope (LCE) encodes for stratum corneum related proteins. Patients with the LCE DD genotype had a high frequency of not reaching PASI 75 with TNF-alpha inhibitors (P=0.028) (Batalla). IL-12 and IL-23 antagonists IL-23 is a proinflammatory cytokine that drives the local Th17 effector response, which leads to the expression of various IL-23 dependent genes, including IL-17A. Th17 cells have been linked to the pathogenesis of psoriasis. Polymorphisms in genes related to IL-12 have been linked to efficacy with anti-TNF-alpha treatment. Patients with the IL-23 receptor SNP rs11209026 GG genotype who were treated with TNF-alpha inhibitors achieved PASI90 at 6 months
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