Conservatives vs. Liberals

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Conservatives vs. Liberals Conservatives are very supportive for individuals that are in the higher class, while liberals support the lower class individuals in society. Conservatives and Liberals have completely different views from one another. I personally favor liberalist views due to the fact they favor equality within our society. While conservatives feel as though within a society everyone should be responsible for themselves they don’t believe in aid to mankind. In our society we can achieve and do so much more if everyone as a whole worked together and cared about the individual next to them. The world that we live in today would but much stronger, there would be less poverty and more equality in the working class. Due…show more content…
Conservatives simply feel as though the government should have nothing to do with healthcare. They believe that every American have the ability to get healthcare, just who will pay for it. Liberalists are also for same sex marriage, they believe that marriage is the union of two individuals who are in love no matter what the sex of
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