Essay about Conserving Natural Resources Through Hunting

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“Hunting is not part of conservation, it is conservation” says Dr. Jon Hutton, Executive Director of UNEP-WCMC. (25 Reasons Hunting is Conservation) This quotation states that hunting is one of the most beneficial things to improve a population. Conserving natural resources by eliminating a percentage of an overpopulated species helps the natural balance in the environment. If the wolf population goes down, the deer population goes up. If the deer eat all the grass, rabbits and other such herbivorous animals will diminish and kill off all of the predatory creatures that eat the rabbits. Without hunting, balance will never be maintained and the environment will never really be stable and healthy.
Hunting should be done to benefit the overall population and living quality of animal species. In order to better understand hunting, we need to learn what hunting is, why hunting is beneficial, and the consequences of not hunting. We also need to know what the hunting controversy really is, the population statistics, and a few clubs that support hunters and wildlife conservation.
To fully and completely understand, we should know the true definition of “hunting”. Hunting is the act of chasing and pursuing game in order to have food and survive. Of course nowadays hunting for survival is not necessary but it is for population control to better the environment. Hunting also has it’s economic advantages bringing in 1.6 billion dollars to this country every deer, duck, bear,…