Consider the Role of Advertising as Part of Graphic Design in the 20th Century

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Undoubtably there has been a growth in the use of graphics in the advertising industry over the past century. New communication mediums such the internet have opened the flood gate’s for new methods of advertising. Graphics have played a key role in how information is communicated through these new mediums. This paper explores the link bewteen Graphic Design as part of advertsing. The paper explores William Bernbach’s role in modern advertsing as well as considering three seperate advertisng campaign pieces from three different decade’s including Volkwagens beetle (1959) , Absolut Vodka (1980) and Apple Inc (1997).

We will explore the synergies bewteen graphics, images and text with particuler reference to graphics as a
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(Lorin, 2001, p114) pays tribute to the great creative mind by suggesting Bernbach, “inspired the largest number of immortal campaigns in the history of advertising. He was the catalyst for a whole generation of brilliant and talented people, the inventor of a new form of advertising.” Bernbach unquestionably changed the way advertsing was portrait to the masses and with this altered the role of graphic design and advertising in modern society forever.

Absolut Vodka by TWBA

In 1980 TBWA embarked on what would become the longest uninterrupted advertisement campaign ever seen. To this day nearly 1,500 original pieces of design have been printed, broadcast and installed as part of the Absolut Vodka campaign. These pieces have been viewed by millions of people all over the world.

TBWA developed the first printed poster for Absolut Vodka. The ad at first glance could be seen as a throw back to the traditional ads of old, i.e. showing just the product. However perhaps inspired by Bernbach before, TBWA managed to add symbiotics and synergy bewteen text and graphics to create a long running advertising campaign. The headline read ‘Absolut Perfection’. This was complimented by subtle graphics of wings and a halo which reinserted the perfection message with angelic references to the reader and perhaps even suggested ‘Gods Nectur’. It certainly laid

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