Consider the ways in which the Miller presents John the Carpenter in

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Consider the ways in which the Miller presents John the Carpenter in
The Miller's Tale.

In your answer you should pay particular attention;

- Vocabulary and style

- Form

- Any other features of language you consider to be important

John the Carpenter is a character who Chaucer uses to make an example
of someone who is extremely gullible. To some extent, the nature of
which he is gullible can often be unbelievable because some of the
things he does are of a farcical nature;

"Y-geten us thise kneeding-tubbes three,

Than shaltou hang hem in the roof full hye"

The Carpenter is a central character in the plot because he is the
person who the majority of the 'jokes' and farces are based upon. The
fact that he has
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The characters in The Miller's Tale have specific purposes and through
the way Chaucer treats his characters helps to create different plots
and settings. The central characters have their own section at the
beginning of the tale where they are given a description, however,
John is never formally introduced to the audience. We mainly find the
traits of John's character through Chaucer's thoughts of him which are
given as interjections throughout the tale. The carpenter is never a
full description but a persona of him is built up through a number of
opinions inserted during descriptions of other characters. This
suggests from the beginning, the Chaucer does not attach much
importance to the character of John and sees other characters as being
more important, for example, Alison and Absolon who are described in
detail at the beginning. John is giving small descriptions, usually
which mock him, like;

"The foolish carpenter was lost in wonder."

The carpenter is never introduced, meaning the audience are not
familiar with him as a main character, which is why he becomes part of
the sub plot. During this sub plot, this is the time when most about
the carpenter is revealed to us an audience. The carpenter is barely
given the opportunity to show speech but through his actions and the
mocking other characters make of him, we are able to learn most about
him during the sub plot.

The carpenter,…