Considerations Before Becoming a Single Mother

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Self defense in law revolves around the idea that, if necessary, an individual should be given the right to inflict damage upon another person to protect himself from bodily harm, and in some cases, to protect his property as well. In most countries today, the principle itself is not controversial at all – it is only logical that legal systems provide some sort of self defense protection for its citizens under certain situations. The true controversy stems from the amount of power that a victim should hold given a particular set of circumstances. Canada’s self defense laws prior to 2009 gave a minimal amount of power to victims. As a result, a large number of victims were charged for assault or other allegations because they had violated…show more content…
The law and government should be supporting the victim after such maltreatment should occur, instead of prosecuting him for actions that might have been crucial for his well-being. Canadian citizens, especially those who have recently been victims to crime, deserve to have the law working with them, not against them. The government and police benefit by having to waste less time and effort trying and charging these victims. They can therefore concentrate their efforts elsewhere – perhaps to prosecuting criminals with true criminal intent. This might even lead to a drop in crime rates, since an increase in effectiveness of the police force is known to be a strong factor in reducing crime. The act also allows citizens to arrest a criminal not only during, but after an offense as well if they believe that the police will not be able to do so. Moreover, victims are now able to fight back with less fear of being indicted by the law, acting as a further deterrent to crime. With the new laws stated in the Citizens Arrest and Self Defense Act of 2009, the government can focus resources and time into preventing more crime, while supporting the victims and empowering citizens to protect themselves and their property. Serious offenses such as murders tend to get a lot of sympathy and attention, but relatively minor ones such as break-ins and thefts are not as high on the
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