Considerations for 21st Century Management and Organizational Cultures

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Considerations for 21st Century Management & Organizational Cultures The four management themes are intriguing and challenging to current and future managers. People, especially those in leadership positions should always be looking for way to improve. One such method as suggested by the readings includes looking to other countries for new strategies, particularly those countries that are stable and relatively progressive. Such examples would include Switzerland, Sweden, and Japan. No matter what though, professionals should keep in mind that there is no one country that has all the answers in any field, whether the topic is management or otherwise. For example, though Japan has many aspects to their management tactics, relative to the United States of America, Japan is decades behind the progression of feminism, particularly with regard to corporate advancement. There have been measures taken to more fully integrate women in the corporate world and the workplace in general, but the action comes from a place of desperation for workers and not from a place of equality, justice, or respect. The Fukushima nuclear disaster--that whole scandal is not an example that others should emulate. Our victories are just as valuable as our errors. There are good and bad styles of management in every country. It is unwise to ignore the tactics, methods, or strategies from others, whether competitors or allies. If a strategy works and abides by an organization's ethical code, it should be
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