Considerations for the Design and Fabrication of a Boat Propeller

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Introduction As nations continue to expend their energies into expanding infrastructure, developing technology and making key discoveries in healthcare, not enough attention is being spent on protecting what the world has created or constructed already. Historical sites, National Monuments, Key infrastructure and everyday items are constantly under attack from a natural phenomenon known as corrosion. Every year over US $2.2 trillion is spent worldwide in repairing, and protecting components and structures from corrosion. It is important that corrosion is considered in every design process that is undertaken to enable components to operate at the highest efficiency for the longest period of time. This will not only aid in the efficiency but also reduce the economic burden of repairing and maintaining the component in question. An important component that is necessary for global trade is a boat propeller. There are a large number of factors and considerations that must be included into design and fabrication of a boat propeller. These include Environmental conditions, operational conditions, Alloy selection and Maintenance. Environmental Conditions An environment that corrosion is most prevalent in is the maritime environment. Any component, i.e. a boat propeller, which is operating in a maritime environment, is subject to higher rates of corrosion than that of components located in land away from the presence of an electrolytic substance such as Sea Water. Boats are

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