Considering Booking Your Next Trip Online

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I’ve asked many people do they book their travel on-line or by using a travel agency and you would be

surprised as to how many people say that they so it themselves and have horror stories to tell.

So, here are a few questions you need to answer when considering booking your next trip online. Are you

an expert as to where you are going? How many “hours” do you spend trying to figure out where to stay,

what to do, and is this a good location to what I’m going to be doing? Is the hotel a nice place to stay?

Are you sure you have everything covered? Have you ever gotten somewhere and didn’t have a ride to

the hotel / resort? Were you so confused as to what to expect at the airport? Did it stress you out? What if

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Do you travel for business? How many hours do you spend trying to get your flights and hotel taken

care of? We do corporate travel all day, every day. We know of all the off the wall places that some

businesses may visit. We can track your frequent flyer points, track your hotel points, look for the best

flights, and make sure you get to your hotel as well as make sure your hotel is near to where you need to

be! And, we make sure you have all the necessary documents needed for you if you are going out of the


Do you travel for pleasure? Of course you do! Looking at brochures, going on the internet checking out

different places, checking out the room categories, the beaches and looking at what’s included in the price

can be a bit overwhelming and very deceiving! Plus, now the online services don’t tell you of all the

flights that may be offered.

Here are a few benefits of why you will want to use a travel agency that is specialized in leisure travel.

 We can help you save money on your vacation – offering you the best discounts on

flights and hotels.

 We can save you a ton of work when planning your vacation - You can save hours

of time since our agents will be the one you deal with on the booking and preparations of your

vacation. You just need to tell them where, when and why.

 Our travel agency can provide answers to any questions about documents needed for your

vacation- An individual

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