Considering Emotions Are A Huge Part Of Daily Life, One

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Considering emotions are a huge part of daily life, one might have an interest as to why in the world they operate in such a fashion. A person might go through an entire lifetime without knowing how their actions might have impacted the emotion they experienced. Often times if one knew how to change the way the felt, they would. It is possible that it could have even benefited that person to be more aware of their actions. Emotions are a part of one’s personality and knowing the cause is important to make people aware of what impacts them, knowing the ways it can influence behavior, and how it can be changed. Everyone experiences emotions and some might be interested in knowing why one has them or where these things come from.…show more content…
Moods can control more than a facial expression if they are altered and this may affect one’s actions. Everyone knows what it feels like to have anger, sadness, and happiness, but these things may often change the way one acts. “Those who study facial expressions have seen the glimmers of basic emotions” (Panksepp et. al. 9). It is apparent that facial expressions are, without a doubt, based on emotions. One can control how he or she portrays emotions. Toddlers, for instance, will be much more inclined to throwing temper tantrums than an elder would. “Raw emotions are not everyday occurrences for mature humans, but most can remember clenching their fists and turning red in anger” (Panksepp et. al. 13). It is natural for a person to turn whatever is being felt into an external action, although some more than others. Most emotions are quite evident in behaviors (Panksepp 13). It is not irrational to try to contain whatever one is feeling. However, it is often better to release any tension or emotion that is roaming around inside. Humans as a whole often find themselves in a mood that they may not be capable of turning around. Sometimes a person will just simply try to be happy but all efforts fail. If one has been diagnosed with something like depression, that has a whole other side to it and it is much more difficult to flip a mood around. “We’ve been trained to believe that strong

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