Considering The Given Budget Of 50000 Euros For Hiring A Website

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Budget Considerations In considering the given budget of 50,000 Euros for hiring a website developer, my suggestion is that we can optimize this amount by taking different actions. My recommendation is that we make use of my knowledge in website development and then add relevant components to reach our goal. The average salary for a Web Developer in Ireland is € 32,014 per year, which would represent more than 60 percent of our budget just in one year (PayScale, 2016, para. 1) Our budget should be spent regarding the following directions: Hiring a part time student from a Marketing Program to join our International Marketing Team. This person would help us in marketing researches, development of business plans, and also in…show more content…
1). If necessary, apply and initiate the processes of patent and copyrights in different countries. Challenges of Cross-border E-commerce After a deep analysis of several areas of our company, I highlighted ten most relevant issues that we should be aware of and address it properly. By understanding them and building an action plan we can be prepared to deal with challenging aspects of international online expansion. International e-commerce website Issue: Our current website is basically an online catalog and it is available only in English. Solution: Develop a website using an e-commerce platform that allow customers to purchase our products and to interact with our company while navigating through different areas. An extensive research of existing retail e-commerce websites should be completed at this point in order to provide us with the best practices in the world. In addition, we need to make our website available in different languages so clients from all the countries we aim to reach can easily understand our products, history, and values. To achieve it, we need to make sure we not only make straight translations but to culturally adjust it to each and single country. Technological business systems and process Issue: Currently, the company 's overall understanding of how technology could help us in different areas and processes is limited. Also, part of our employee 's present opinion on technology
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