Considering The Spanish Country Perspective

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The proposal Considering the Spanish country perspective and the theory regarding the information needs and dissemination towards the performance improvement of the health systems, the proposal involves the availability of the performance indicators in differentiated ways by the publishing of the report at three different levels: Government, Regional and Public. To embrace key stakeholders transversally across the EU countries, it was possible to identify three broad levels that will comprise different stakeholders depending on each health system configuration. The categorization of three primary levels is based on the following arguments: • The proposed structure could be suitable for any country regardless size, structure and financing…show more content…
a) Government Level Report: Despite the specific principles and its relevance of each country, their transversal characteristic is that all of them aim to ensure and improve the health of their population, then they need to hold a view of the system as a whole which allows them to undertake the most appropriate strategic decisions and establish the frameworks and key drivers of their policy making processes. Purpose The specific purposes of the national reports are: 1. Foster the evidence-based decision making to identify best practices and weaknesses, by ensuring that the necessary information and research functions are undertaken accordingly. 2. Inform and promote the design of health system reforms to protect patients and payers. 3. To set health policy goals and priorities. Goals and priorities informed by performance indicators lead to health system performance improvements (i.e., 2014 Euro Health Consumer Index- Netherlands reach the top after address access problems) 4. To promote accountability and transparency in health systems to citizens. Challenges The challenges are: 1. Account that countries have different priorities 2. Establish a reliable and valid compatibility and comparability across health systems 3. Targeting limited funds towards realising euro indicators while ensuring national and regional targets are realised (especially in
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