Considering The Unexpected Subordinate Case

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Consider the Unexpected Subordinate Case. Rebecca is in a difficult position. It could be argued that Ryan should never have been assigned to her project. It was a tough call for the project management office, which determines all assignments, to make. Ryan did have a special expertise in the functional area that the project was addressing, as did Rebecca. Rebecca and Ryan would just have to work through the pressures, emotions, and management issues that were caused by her promotion. Assuming that you were Rebecca, identify and use some of the various theories assigned for review to construct an action plan to deal with Ryan. Tie these theories directly to your plan. That is, create several specific action steps. Support each step using…show more content…
These powers should be diplomatically utilized to overturn Ryan’s changed attitude.

As a project manager, I would apply the following plan:

1) Thorough investigation on the personality of Ryan and makeup of the same:

By examining the personality of Ryan through results of Ryan’s Myers-Briggs personality trait evaluation, the analysis can be done in a thorough manner. Being Ryan’s superior, I need to understand that Ryan thinks more than feeling; I would incorporate my requests and tasks in a rational manner and not go through the emotional way. In case this idea doesn’t work, I would go into the next stage for better outcomes for communication.

2) Facilitate counseling from Craig:

Because Craig was Ryan’s former boss, he would be of a great help to guide me how to tackle Ryan and handle the situation. He can benefit me with good ideas to motivate Ryan and regain his interest in the project again. If I still not pass, I will have no option but to utilize my power for coercive and forceful means to create him complete his responsibilities as they are assigned. This use of coercive power would make me use French and Raven’s Model.

3) Call for a personal talk/interview with Ryan:

Just in case, if all the above steps do not work to implement the required change in Ryan, I would try to call for a personal one-on-one interview with Ryan. As per the
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