Considering the Present Essay

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Considering the Present Robert Ashford University: PSY 202 January 16, 2014 Urie Brofenbrenner is an American developmental psychologist who is best known for his Ecological Systems Theory of child development. This theory “focuses on broad, interconnected influences on human development. It proposes that we can best explain development in terms of the interactions between individuals and the environments in which they live (Mossler, 2013, Chapter 2, Section 2.6, Urie Bronfenbrenner and the Ecological Systems Theory,” para 1). While reviewing the Looking into the Past assignment I decided on the two events listed in the following pages to explain how these events and the Brofenbrenner theory affected me. In…show more content…
I also believe that the exosystem that was around me enabled me to be able to live on my own because of social security and VA checks that I received every month, because of these social programs I was able to attend school and not have to work too. If I did not have the benefit of those programs, I sincerely believe that I would never have completed high school. The people in my microsystem at the time all helped to teach me to have the drive and the dedication to complete my schooling. This lesson is still with me today and will help me have discipline in my online learning. The microsystem around me enabled me to learn to take the initiative to complete my studies and the determination to do my best. Of course the most influential, positive effect that I wrote about last week was the birth of my children. By having my children, it taught me to think about others first, to work hard to provide for someone other than myself and to make sure that someone else’s wellbeing always came before mine. When we are young, at least when I was young, my world revolved around me. I was the most important person. Of course once you have children that all changes you are now responsible for another human being and they should come first. Having children changes everything. No longer was I a carefree, no worries person; now my microsystem involved the most important people in my life. Every day I lived for them. I was the one who was
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