Conspiracies of the United States

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Imagine what the United States economy would be like if 9/11 didn’t happen the day it did, John F. Kennedy were never assassinated, and AIDS were actually created by the CIA. All of these conspiracy topics and more contain a mass amount of information. If they are indeed true, would we have more freedom as citizens or would our economy come crashing down? Some conspiracies of the United States have shaped citizen behavior and affected our economical and future with complete freedom forever.
On October 22nd, 2007 The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention posted a web article which admitted that polio vaccines contained a cancer-causing virus. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention also known as the CDC, deleted the post within the week it was posted. The National Center for Biotech Information Center confirms that Micro biologist Maurice Hilleman discovered Simian Virus 40 was contained in polio vaccines administrated from 1995. (Hilleman) The CDC stated that the virus was removed from the vaccine in 1961. Records show that contaminated vaccines were used until 1963 and were used in different parts of the world until the 1980’s. (Varmus) As a result of the 98 million people given a polio vaccine; 30 million received the contaminated dose. (Hilleman) On May 10th, 2002 a Pathologist by the name of Dr. Michelle Cabone tested the…
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