Conspiracy Theories And The Conspiracy Theory

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Conspiracy Analysis In today, society innumerable conspiracy theories discuss what could have occurred. Furthermore, these conspiracy theories are not a fact, but it is an opinion formed by the people who believes that there is something that is kept hidden from the general public. Unfortunately, this information about numerous conspiracies always been a mystery, which the expert who worked in this field for decades are struggling to unravel the mystery. Not to mention Area 51 and the Alien is a conspiracy that withstood the test of time, lasting for several decades. In addition, Area 51 and the Alien conspiracy theory commence by discussing how the remnant of the crashed UFO spacecraft is inside Area 51. To clarify, “Area 51 is an Air Force base about 90 miles north from Las Vegas” (Aliens, An Introduction To The Truth - They Exist). It was in Area 51 base where the government scientist attempt to reconstruct the aliens highly advanced technology. Furthermore, various strategies were employing to enhance the point that the government is hiding the crashed UFO in a secret base and attempting to reconstruct this device. The rhetorical strategies utilized by the conspiracy theorist were ethos, pathos, and logos. To begin with, pathos is heavily used to prove that there was a UFO that crashed in Area 51. For example, an old picture of a warning sign of Area 51 outlining what should not happen and the consequence
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