Conspiracy of Change at Intuit

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Conspiracy of Change at Intuit.

Intuit was regarded as one of the most compelling success stories. It was the classiest of companies. They had developed software packages with broad appeal to customers, grown rapidly, & made customers, stockholders & employees happy. It was very good at incrementally improving the product and responding to customers. The management, employees and customers were all satisfied - too satisfied. The product design, its features, the technology, the post sales follow up everything revolved around the customers.
A major change had been taking place in technology that had major implications for Intuit - the emergence of the Internet. The management & employees did not anticipate the way in which the market
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We have a major executive who is trying to move the organization but without any appreciable success. As part of the change process, a junior and senior person are charged with innovating. They are provided broad executive support, but are charged with doing this while carrying on their normal responsibilities.

Coincidently, they succeed but could have easily failed. Even when they make a major pitch to the executive committee, it is unclear whether they will receive the green light. The personal relationship of the VP and the finance VP appears to have been the key for obtaining financial support and probably the approval of the executive committee.

The change process is only broadly sketched out. - It was driven by the top executives. - The initiatives were received skeptically by the troops and through a big selling process we are led to believe they are brought on board. - The shift to an Internet strategy though is in process and opens to a skeptical reading of probably success.

The limited change of the development of the mortgage package represents an opportunistic approach although the adjustments they made as they went along are not spelled out. The broad scale change initiated by top management appears to represent a planned approach where adjustments are made to

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