Constant Stereotypes that People Place on Former Prisoners Essay

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P for Punishment

The rusted metal door scrapped shut, followed by the jingle of keys in the lock. Footsteps of free people echoed throughout the dry air and bounced off the low ceilings, growing fainter as they moved toward the exit of this icy room. Another door slammed shut, screeching loud metallic echoes in my ears and scattering my brain. After a while, the only echoes, to be heard, were the quiet voices of private conversations and the rustle of paper, which melted together in a blissful orchestration. Florescent lights hum and buzz overhead; one blinked every so often as if it were about to die, much like my happiness had long ago. This description captures the true horror of imprisonment. A close examination will reveal the in-depth monstrosities that are occurring behind those spiked gates and thick walls. The prison system, overall, needs reconstruction; such an important institution deserves attention. In order to start this we must first ask the most basic question. If prison is as terrible, and it is, and everyone believes, why do people continue to return? As curious children, we learn that placing our fingers on a hot stove is not a good idea after the first time. Metaphorically speaking, committing a crime, getting caught and getting sentenced to prison is just the same. If we are so easily taught not to stick our hand on a hot stove more than once, why do these men and women continue to play with fire? In order to answer this question…