Constantine 's Declaration Of The Edict Of Milan

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Constantine’s declaration of the Edict of Milan left a lasting impact on Roman society. The Edict of Milan allowed the tolerance of all religions, which influenced laws surrounding religion. This investigation will evaluate the following research question: To what extent did Constantine’s Edict of Milan, issued in 313 C.E., affect the spread of Christianity in Rome until its collapse? The investigation will address if the Edict of Milan was a turning point for Christianity in Rome, and if it had greater impact on the Eastern or Western Roman Empire. To gather knowledge on the matter, the investigation will be relying heavily on books presenting the history of Christianity, Emperor Constantine, and The Edict of Milan itself. By examining The Edict of Milan and the religions of settlements surrounding the Roman Empire, this investigation will measure the impact Constantine’s Edict of Milan in Rome from 313 C.E. until its fall. The origin of my first source, Christianity: A Global History, was a book written by David Chidester as a secondary source in 2000. There is little reveal of the author’s perspective because the historic information regarding Christianity was comprised of primarily unarguable fact. The author’s purpose in writing this piece was to provide readers with knowledge on the global foundation of Christianity. The author is also a scholar in religious studies, and is currently a professor teaching about religion at Cape Town University in South Africa. The
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