Constantine the Great

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Constantine the Great Constantine the Great, first Christian Emperor, originator of Constantinople, creator of the Byzantine Empire, military conqueror, and honored saint, has been labeled by many the most instrumental emperor of the Roman Empire. Constantine played a crucial role in the development of Europe during the Middle Ages, and founded Christianity as the formal religion of the Roman Empire. His dynamic yet effective predominance laid the infrastructure of European development. From his humble beginnings, to his command of the Roman Empire, to his final days, Constantine’s impact on world history and Christianity has left behind an unforgettable legacy. He was described by Eusebius as “such an emperor as all history records …show more content…
Diocletian did not entirely trust Constantius, and held Constantine as a hostage in his court to ensure first-rate performance from Constantius. Despite this Constantine remained a distinguished court member, fighting for Diocletian, as well as for Galerius in Asia. He battled the barbarians of Danube in 296, fought the Persians in Syria and Mesopotamia in 297, 298, and 299. Constantine returned to Nicomedia in the spring of 303, to find the beginnings of Diocletian’s “Great Persecution”, beginning to take place. The Great Persecution brought about the demolition of the new church in Nicomedia, the imprisonment of priests, the deprivation of authoritative ranks from Christians, and the destruction of many churches and scriptures. On May 1, 305 Diocletian announced his resignation because of a crippling illness he developed during the previous winter. Galerius was chosen as his imperial successor. It did not take Constantine long to recognize the immediate danger in remaining in the east. Constantius made the request of Galerius to allow his son to leave the east to help him campaign in Britain. Galerius granted the request, and during the summer of 305 Constantine joined his father in Gaul. Constantine campaigned at his father’s side for a year in Northern Britain, before his father became very ill. Over the course of his campaign, Constantius’s health quickly declined, and he
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