Constellations In Research Paper

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For many years constellations have played an important role in different societies and culture, from one generation to the other. But what is a constellations? from where does the name of constellations come from? why are constellations useful? Or how can we find our nearby star this are some leading im going to try to answer in this essay. A constellation is the group of a bright star that forms shapes and patterns in the sky but are far apart in space. According to (Bennett, 2012) the start in a particular constellation appear to look closer to one another, but in reality, they are quite far apart because they lie at different distances from Earth. To measure the nearby star the astronomers use a technique called parallax.…show more content…
For example, if a person was looking for destinations in the sea, the first thing to look for is the big dipper part of the Ursa Major, because the two right side of the big dipper points out directly to the polar star. Another method to find the not start is by using the Cassiopeia in the sky as the north start is between the big dipper and the Cassiopeia star. After the person reaches north, he/she could use his left arm to find the west side and the right arm to find the east side and the south will be the north star. The or belt could also serve as a way to help you located the south; by using the sword that hangs from belts you can point your way south it. Ancient people use the star as a navigation skill to located their destinations. In today's society, there are 12 familiar constellations that we mostly know and play a significant role. These are knowns as the 12 zodiac sign. They are grouping star that lies along the ecliptic- the plane in which our solar system lies. Usually, they are listed by each month of the year, for example, the order goes by as “Capricorn's, Aquarius, pieces, Aries, Tauro, Gemini, Leo Cancer, Libra, Virgo, scorpions and Sagittarius. the 12 zodic mark the beginning of the fouth season, navegation and somestimes to identify a person
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