Constipation In Babies Essay

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Constipation in babies
If your baby is not pooping often or has hard poos, he may be constipated. If you suspect that your baby is constipated, there are many things that you can do to help.
What is constipation?
Constipation is very common in babies that affects the ability to pass regular stools. This condition usually causes pain and discomfort resulting for the stool to look hard and dark than usual.
What are the causes of constipation?
The following are the possible causes of constipation in babies:
• Dehydration. This is a result of an illness or infection such as a cough, cold, or throat infection.
• Formula milk. Constipation is more common to formula fed babies because it is more difficult to digest than breast milk. Babies who are breastfed are found to suffer less from constipation.
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• Give your baby fruit juice if they are having trouble when feeding.
• Gently massage your baby’s tummy to soothe pain and cramps.
• Stimulate your babies digestive system by letting your baby lay down so you can raise his legs and move them gently in a cycling motion.
What are the possible ways to prevent constipation?
Sometimes, constipation is hard to prevent but there are steps that you can do to minimize the risk of constipation in babies.
• Always see to it that your baby is getting enough fluid.
• If your baby is bottle-fed, see to it that you are using the correct ratio of powder and water.
• Massage his tummy gently to help stimulate his digestive system.
• Give your baby pureed foods and vegetables for they are high in fiber.
• Ensure that what you are giving your baby is breastmilk.
Giving your baby an extra water can be dangerous. It is very necessary to speak with your pediatrician first before giving your baby extra amount of water. It is important to be aware of your baby’s bowel movement habits for you to notice any changes. Discuss the changes to your doctor so they can confirm if your baby is constipated or
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