Constipation Patient Care

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The person said that all the origins of the disease start in the problem of stomach, constipation, and stomach. Today, there are 90 people per 100 people suffering from constipation, which is the root cause of most diseases. If we just give up, then constipation will suppress many of our diseases. Constipation patient care is possible, those exercises all day, you should drink at least one liter of water 3-4. These problems are often seen as a lack of food and water. First of all, you practice day drift juice. And remember, do not drink water with food. Drink plenty of water before eating or after an hour of a meal. During meals, you can drink buttermilk. So let's just eliminate constipation and type monsters effectively. 2. Two shame is seen sugar powder mixed, drink constipation sip twice to…show more content…
11. Triphala 20 grams, 250 grams of water, acting light emitting drinking water Triphala stored in the first night, intestinal morning, constipation will disappear. 12. Make no night unawakened, at a distance of 250 meters. Lee Drink hot water desire Qingwei morning. 7-8 boiling water to boil and boil By going to bed it will drink alcohol, continuous drinking three to four days of constipation will never be finished, but if more than diarrhea, immediately before closing. 14. Carrots, radish, beet, carrots, tomatoes, spinach leaves, cola husband's beet sugar salad and coconut grains, to treat the elderly, with old food constipation, small pieces are mixed and mixed. Fasting lemon juice in a compound with a gram of some glasses consumed by water-rock salt. This is the first part of chronic constipation. Constipation 16. Before going to sleep with 3g fennel powder and hot water. Constipation, gas and above-described method Each powder can be a gas appropriate gas. Many patients and the oldest gas and constipation turns only a genius only
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