Constitution Essay

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Constitution Essay Our constitution is the basis of what this country is about. This country stands for freedom and starting a life where you truly have the free will to do as you please. The constitution wasn't created right away, opposed to what many people think. They had to go through trial and error until they came about the Constitution. First, there was the Articles Of Confederation, which was a rough layout of the Constitution. Then when we found the flaws in that we created the amendments. The main amendments to the Constitution are the first ten, which protect the rights of the people; these have come around to be known as The Bill Of Rights. The first shot at establishing a government was the Articles Of…show more content…
They made sure to change that in the Constitution. Now they are allowed to regulate trade between any and all states. They can also make sure the states follow the National laws in which the government was trying to enforce. And finally the biggest difference is the passage of amendments. Through the Articles Of Confederation, to change any bit of it they needed all 13 States approval. This made is extremely hard for the Articles to get an amendment in any way considering that every state had a different opinion on any view brought up in Congress. The big key in the Constitution is that you just need the majority, otherwise known as the two-thirds rule. You need two-thirds of Congress to accept an amendment to the Constitution to add it. Considering how much easier it is to bring in an amendment to the Constitution it makes our country a lot easier to establish fairness for everyone. During the years of the Articles Of Confederation not a single amendment was added. From the years of the Constitution there has been a total of 27 amendments. The most important however are known as the Bill Of Rights, or the first ten amendments. So as you can see the Constitution gives each state the room to breathe, but also watches over them to make sure there is no weak link in the chain. I believe the
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