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Sample Constitution Article 1: Name The name of the organization shall be __________, hereinafter referred to as __________. Article 2: Mission This section outlines why the club exists. This is where the mandate of the club is introduced detailing what purpose the club shall serve. Article 3: Membership This section describes who can be a member of the club. It is the clause of the Club Committee looks at to determine whether the club is limited or unlimited. There are two mandatory clauses for this section. The first shall state that at all times your club will have a minimum of 20 members, 2/3 of which are active members of the Students’ Union. The second shall state that your club will collect a minimum $1.00 membership…show more content…
Most successful clubs implement some form of Executive transition program. In order to be most effective, club Executive terms should provide at least one month of overlap so that the new Executive has the opportunity to work closely with the outgoing Executive in order to understand the roles and responsibilities of their respective leadership positions. Example: A. During the period from the end of the second week of April until the first day of May, when the new Executive will assume office, it is the responsibility of the departing Executive to orient the newly elected executive officers to their jobs. This includes teaching the incoming executive about club and Students’ Union policies and procedures, transitioning custodianship of club records and materials (including office and mailbox keys, locker combinations and all passwords to all club email accounts), and preparing the new Executive to be effective in their roles for the next year's work. B. It is the responsibility of the departing President to ensure that all club requirements to the Students’ Union, including submission of a complete annual report and the removal of all club records and materials from the club office and locker, have been fulfilled before the incoming Executive
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