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A governor (from French gouverneur) is a governing official, usually the executive of a non-sovereign level of government, ranking under the head of state. In federations, a governor may be the title of each appointed or elected politician who governs a constituent state.
In countries the heads of the constitutive states, provinces, communities and regions may be titled Governor, although this is less common in parliamentary systems such as in some European nations and many of their former colonies, which use titles such as President of the Regional Council in France and Minister-President in Germany, where in some states there are governorates (German: Regierungsbezirke) as sub-state administrative regions. Other countries
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The role of the Governor is primarily ceremonial in nature.

ii. The functioning of Governor in British Dominions is guided wholly and solely by the British Crown.

iii. The Governor is an integral part of determination of a Federation.

Methodology adopted:

The given study is purely Doctrinal in nature. The different Statutes relating to action of the executive at the State level have been referred to extensively. The Journals as well as the Articles have been referred. Apart from that, internet has been utilised at a vast level in order to understand the nuances and the concepts involved in the research.

Role of Governor - India

This Paper deals with the appointment and functioning of the institution of Governor as well as the anomalies and problems surrounding the powers vested in them in the matter of granting assent to the Bills passed by the State Legislatures. Article 153 of the Constitution requires that there shall be a Governor for each State. One person can be appointed as Governor for two or more States. Article 154 vests the executive power of the State in the Governor. Article 155 says that “The Governor of a State shall be appointed by the President by warrant under his hand and seal”. Article 156 provides that “The Governor shall hold office during the pleasure of the President”. The term of the Governor is prescribed as five
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