Constitution Of The Fort Madison High School 's Gay Straight Alliance

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Constitution of the Fort Madison High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance Preamble The intentions of this Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at Fort Madison High School will be to build a progressive front that fosters diversity, acceptance, and educational growth. This constitution will lay the foundation and guidelines for these missions. Article I - Name The name of this organization shall be the Gay-Straight Alliance of Fort Madison High School, hereafter referred to as “GSA.” Article II - Purpose The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a safe and supporting environment for all students to talk about their issues related to gender identity, sexual orientation, mental wellness, and various other pertinent topics. This GSA will…show more content…
The meeting will determine if there is a need for immediate dismissal with the notification of proper authorities on the matter. This will only be achieved by a full quorum vote of all executive board members. Section Three - Duties of members The duties of this GSA’s members include, but are not limited to: Regular attendance at meetings and events In the event of an absence, expected or unexpected, verbal or written notification must be given to an officer or advisor. Setting a positive atmosphere of acceptance and nondiscrimination in school and throughout the community Section Four - Voting All current members of the GSA are eligible to vote, but each individual only counts for one vote. The voting process for any procedures shall be conducted by a show of hands. The allowance of proxy or absentee votes is prohibited. Section Five - Officers The purpose of the executive board is to supervise the GSA and run it’s meetings. The locations for meetings will be determined by the executive board. The executive board will make time at least once a week for updates and to make decisions regarding the club, such as event ideas, agendas for upcoming meetings, etc. The election of officers will be based upon a majority vote by members present at said meeting, no absentee votes will be accepted. Members may run for any number of offices but will only be selected for one upon election

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