Constitution Paper

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Constitution Paper In the creation of the Constitution, the states had several different reactions, including defensive and understanding reactions. The constitution provided the rights of people, as well as laws of the land. The attention of the document was aimed towards problems the country was facing. However, the document itself was very challenging because it lent itself to many different opinions, views, and interpretations, depending upon who the reader was. It is no puzzle that the founders’ perspectives as, American citizens would play a role in the creation and implementation of The Constitution. Most of the issues in the document were due to cultural, economic, and racial, lifestyles that our country continuously supports,…show more content…
“The Three Fifths Compromise” settled this particular debate when it was stated that a slave would officially count as 3/5 of a free person. In section two the Constitution, it defines how the population number is counted. Southern States, like Virginia, for example, opposed this because the slaves was what most of their economy was based on, and their population was bigger due to this. In order to avoid conflicts like ones previously faced, such as Shay’s Rebellion, for example; several accommodations were made. However, other issues came about. In the constitution, it declares that all states were to abide by and honor laws of all the other states associated; for example, this meant that if a person was declared a slave in one state, then they couldn’t be free in another, separate state. The document works between the citizens and founders by promising that citizens of all states be created and treated equally and fairly. It also says that if a person commits a crime in one state and attempts to flee to another state to not be punished, he, or she, would be returned to their original state in which they fled from. Slave. It was possible for slave states to lose their slaves to other owners claiming slave people that were not theirs. It was feared by several people that the Constitution wouldn’t work effectively
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