Constitution and Levinson Ideal

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Matthew Schrock Dr Bruce Rockwood Law 331 Sec 01 “Constitution and Levinson Ideal” After the United States gained Independence on July 4th 1776, there was a need for a new rule on law and basic rights. The foundation of our country needed an official document to be established and written for future generations and for concrete reference. The original idea regarding the document, was thought necessary to be drafted from the Articles of Confederation, but later this idea was deterred. The Constitution was created on new precedent and adopted on September 17th, 1787. Our Constitution was written to be the backbone of our established government “for the people by the people”. According to the Independence Hall Association’s…show more content…
These memos are an accumulation and explanation of events of torture or as the CIA calls Enhanced Interrogation. “The basic problem with the presidency is the possibility that the occupant of the White House is too unconstrained and can all too easily engage in dramatic exertions of power, especially in the realm of foreign policy" (Pp.107,Levinson) The President is the Commander In Chief of the military. The president is the highest rank in the military and most of the time has no military training with rein over it. The President might not have the right to go to war, but he certainly has the privilege. Regarding presidential removal, Levinson has section titled “On Malfeasance and Misfeasance: Why Criminal Presidents Less of a Threat than an Merely Incompetent Ones”(pp.114-21). In this section, He explains in Great Britain, that the prime minister can be “unceremoniously dumped”(p116,Levinson) In the United States, that is not an option. In the cases of going to war without consent, it could be interpreted that He has the authority over the military so he needs to make the ultimate decision for them. We need to have criminal charges for the declaration of war, so if we made it law he can’t do instead of about what he can do, then maybe more control will be held by the people and not one man. In the Senate there are two representatives from each State, meaning equal representation. “Equal” sounds like a great
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