Constitution and System of the State Paper

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Constitution and System of the State Paper POL215 September 19, 2011 Benjamin Bolger Constitution and System of the State Arkansas state constitution is divided into nineteen articles. Article one deal with the boundaries of the state. The boundaries of are Arkansas begins at the main channel of the Mississippi River, west with the southern boundary line to Missouri and west to the north bank of the Red River. Article two is declaration of rights, in my opinion they are the similar to the bill of rights and remaining amendments of the United States Constitution. Article three is the Franchise and Elections, it basically the guideline for individuals that would like to become elected officials. Article four is the Department,…show more content…
personal property of exemptions of persons not head of families. Article ten Agriculture, Mining and Manufacture, “it will pass such laws as will foster and aid the agricultural, mining and manufacturing interests of the State, and may create a bureau, to be known as the Mining, Manufacturing and Agricultural Bureau ("Arkansas State Constitution Of 1874", 2011).” Article eleven Militia, will “consist of all able-bodied male persons, residents of the State, between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years; except such as may be exempted by the laws of the United States, or this State; and shall be organized, officered, armed and equipped and trained in such manner as may be provided by law ("Arkansas State Constitution Of 1874", 2011). ” Article twelve is the Municipal and Private Corporations, article thirteen is Counties, County Seats and County Lines, article fourteen Education, article fifteen is the Impeachment and Address and article sixteen is Finance and Taxation. The three
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