Constitutionality of the Death Penalty

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On September 9, 1993 a seventeen year old boy, Christopher Simmons, and his a few of his friends met up to discuss and devise a plan to commit a robbery and maybe even a murder, just for fun. Simmons’ plan was not complicated: find someone to burglarize, tie up the victim and either leave the victim tied to a tree or push them off a bridge. Simmons and his accomplice went through a window that was slightly cracked and proceeded into the bedroom of Mrs. Crook. The two teenagers tried the woman up and loaded her into the back of her minivan. They drove to the state park at the edge of town where they had planned to dispose of the body and that is exactly what they did. The boys were caught later on that month put on trial for murder in…show more content…
As it states later on in the test after surveying thirteen years of evidence, the deterrence aspect of the death penalty did not seem to be apparent. The police were not protected from being a homicide victim even though capital punishment was on their side supposedly protecting them. (Bailey, Peterson) According to statistics gathered from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the areas of the country that had a lower enforcement of capital punishment was actually a place where they police force was safer than in the regions where the capital punishment was heavily enforced.(Death Penalty In Focus) For instance, the number of murders of an official officer in the southern states between the years of 1989 and 1998 was an alarming two hundred and ninety-two total. On average that means that 29.2 police officers were killed each year, and this is in a region where the death penalty is heavily enforced. (Death Penalty in Focus, Table 1.1) On the other side of the pole, the states in the Northeast region were as little as eighty murders in the same time span. These statistics definitely contradict the stated reason for even having the death penalty. President George W. Bush made this statement in support of capital punishment, “I think that the reason to support the death penalty is because it saves people’s lives… It is the only reason to be
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