Constitutions Are More Than Fancy Looking Words On An Old Sheet Of Paper

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Constitutions are more than fancy-looking words on an old sheet of paper; they are the foundation of all successful nations. The job of a constitution is to legitimize, organize, provide power to, and limit the power of government (Newell et al. 40-42). The United States itself and all of its states have constitutions, including Texas, that aim to meet those needs. The Texas Constitution, written in 1876, is the second longest state constitution in the nation (Texas GOVT 2306- Week 3 Texas Constitution). The first section of the wordy Constitution is the preamble, followed by sixteen articles divided into subsections. The material in the document can be broadly described as “details of policy and governmental organization” (Newell et al. 46). Article One of the Texas Constitution contains a Bill of Rights containing thirty rights (Newell et al. 48). Suffrage is another topic addressed in the Texas Constitution. Many of the rules set forth in the original 1876 Texas Constitution concerning suffrage became out-dated and were later amended (Newell et al. 53). For example, the original document allowed only men aged 21 or above to vote, but when the national voting age became 18, an amendment was made (“Constitution of the State of Texas (1876)”). Another important part of the Constitution includes instructions for the creation of amendments. The powers and structures of the government set forth in the 1876 Texas Constitution were influenced by Jacksonian democracy,…
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