Constraints Of Obtaining Education By Dalits

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Constraints in obtaining education by Dalits
• Dependency on dominant castes for their livelihood.
• Poverty and economic backwardness.
• Discriminatory practices against Dalit students by teachers and other dominant castes.
• Lack of continued employment opportunities.
• .Neglect of education in welfare schemes.
• Mushrooming of private schools.
• Family burdens and responsibilities.
• Irrelevant curriculum.
• Lack of proper guidance.
• Lack of quality education.
• Compulsions of earning at a young age.
• Lack of security for the Dalit girls.
• Insufficient scholarships.
• Poor educational status of Dalit parents.
• Lack of easy access to school.
• Dalits are forced into migrant labour.
• Under representation of Dalit teachers.
• Paradoxical sphere of caste based exclusions.
• Lack of access to salaried jobs.
• Internal differences among Dalits.
India has been making committed efforts to gain a place in the knowledge society. In this context the literacy and levels of educational attainments of different sections, particularly the marginalized sections of Indian society assumes importance. Education is the mechanism for social transformation. It is considered as a symbol for status and development. Basic education is the key with which individuals can unlock the full range of their talents and realize their creative potentials. It gives disadvantaged people the apparatus they need to move from exclusion to full participation in their society. Education is
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