Essay on Construct Development, Scale Creation, and Process Analysis

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Construct Development, Scale Creation, and Process Analysis
University of Phoenix

Part 1: Construct Development and Scale Creation

The construct that will be measure in this paper will be arrogance versus confidence. The construct development, scale creation, and process analysis will determine how arrogance or confident a person may be. An operational definition of this construct using in Driver,(2007), Vixie,(2011) and Johnson, Silverman, Shyamsunder, Swee, Rodopman, Cho, & Bauer, (2010) they basically describe arrogance as some who is conceited, boasting and hard to get along with. They think that they are better than ordinary people and confidence is
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Your reaction will be: a. Greet them as you always do b. Ignore them c. Greet them in a friendly way 7. Do you sometimes feel better than other people do? a. Never b. Sometimes c. Frequently 8. Do you ever brag about your achievements with friends? a. Never b. Sometimes c. Frequently

9. Have you ever avoided a person after a silly argument? a. Never b. Once c. More than once 10. When someone offends you, what’s your reaction? a. You feel embarrassed and keep silent b. You immediately ask for an explanation c. You get angry and prepare for revenge

Part II: Analysis and Justification

There can be some confusion between confidence and arrogance. As both shows a person having strong belief in their abilities. The difference comes in when their responses from other is revealed. A confident person will show humility toward other and on the other hand an arrogant person will show no concern for others. Usually people who are arrogant tend to have insecurity within them. An arrogant person will run away from areas that show weakness and play up areas of strength. As oppose to a confident persons who will acknowledge their weakness or faults. In Kerefoot,(2010) the author talks about how confident
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