Construct Development and Scale Creation Essay

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Part I: Construct Development and Scale Creation Choose a construct you would like to measure. I picked self-confidence. According to Brown (2004) self confidence is defined as one's ability to rely on themselves, to assert oneself socially, regarding what one thinks and possessing the skills to work independently, based on one's learning from personal experience and the ability to make use of prior knowledge. Self confidence measures include self efficacy, self esteem, knowledge and ability to work out problem situations and make informed and successful decisions, without relying on other individuals. Scaling method for measuring Personal Self-Confidence will entail a survey consisting of 4 questions. Each question will aim at…show more content…
Those participants with higher levels of self-efficacy emerge as more likely to adopt and perform such an action. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that confidence in one's ability to use the Internet positively influences the willingness to adopt and use SNS, because internal beliefs are associated with actual behavior. Nothing is more important in life than having positive self-esteem and a positive outlook on life. With positive self-esteem, a person can accomplish just about anything they put their mind to. Developing self-esteem starts from the day a baby is born and continues throughout their life, but unfortunately, this development is not always complete for some by the time they are adults. If we have low confidence in ourselves and our ability to succeed, it’s time to take another look at how we can build confidence. First of all, it’s important to recognize and believe that positive self esteem cultivates success. The greater our self esteem, the better equipped we are to deal with life’s daily challenges and stressors. Positive self esteem enables us to handle problems and bounce back from them quicker. Base on the self confidence survey, we can realize that a person’s level of self confidence recognizes that she/he is responsible for the decisions that she/he makes. If a person believes they can achieve something, then they will. But low esteem will pull them down and it will be
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