Construct and Analyze Applicant Selection Protocol

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Construct and Analyze Applicant Selection Protocol

For this assignment I will be conducting a job analyze for a plumbers position. I will be also making a selection protocol to recruit the right employee. In order to do a job analysis the methods that I will use will be the methods job components inventory, and position analysis questionnaire. Then compare it to the O*NET Online. Then I will construct an applicant selection protocol. In some aspects plumber are skilled labor that requires physical strength as well as a good knowledge of tools and a good mathematical base. The job components inventory contains five principles that a plumber should possess. Using
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The fourth principle is communication requirements. Communication is needed not only to the customer, but also to the city and state officials that may require being able to get land surveys, building permits and preparing return documents. The fifth principle is decision-making and responsibility. The applicant must be able to make decisions and except the responsibility of a job. The applicant must be able to use the appropriate method of plumbing to suit the job he or she is working on. Must be able to fix any issue that may arise. While analyzing the job vacancy a position analysis questionnaire will also be used. A position analysis questionnaire will help dealing with the task requirements of the job and also job stressors. In order to accomplish this I would use a four point Liken type scale with 4 meaning agree, 3 somewhat agree, 2 does not apply, and 1 for disagree. The questionnaire would contain 25 items. There would be ten on job overload and job control. Then 15 items from the brief job stress questionnaire (BJSQ) on evaluate job stress. In order to achieve the question used I would evaluate other employees with there consent and ask for supervisors input as well. After constructing my job analysis and comparing it to O*NET Online. I see that my job analysis was vague in comparison. Using O*NET Online here are some things that I would include. Is the applicant able to use a torch? I used pipe in job components inventory
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