Constructing Meaning Essay

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Elements for comparison and contrast Payne & Gainey text Tsui text Description in my own words Evidence from the text (include direct quotes and page numbers) Description in my own words Evidence from the text (include direct quotes and page numbers) Explicit meaning The goal of the article is to provide instructors with a variety of strategies for engaging students to participate in classroom controversial discussions and enhancing their critical thinking skills at the collegiate level. This article we will discuss some common issues that surface in college courses that encourage critical thinking. What strategies can educators use to promote enlightened and fair discussion of them” (Gainey & Payne, 2003, p.52).…show more content…
If schools are to enforce students learning how to write and critically think, they need to assure teachers who lack the knowledge to teach writing and critical thinking skills need to attend professional development training routinely in order to gain knowledge, practice, and experience with the pedagogy. “Lastly, if institutions are truly committed to achieving the widely professed educational objective of instilling critical thinking skills in students, then they need to actively support and guide faculty in teaching reform efforts. Seminars, workshops, and training sessions should not be a one-time event but rather a regular component of an institution’s ongoing professional development program for faculty” (Tsui, 2002, p. 759). My situatedness with respect to the texts The authors provide several strategies for teachers to use to assist and encourage students to actively participate during classroom discussion that involves controversial issues. I currently use some of the suggestions the authors recommend such as randomly selecting names using pop sticks and a cup. Making eye contact so students are able to acknowledge I am aware of their participation, holding for a response to allow students an opportunity to answer instead of just providing them with a response/answer, and enthusiasm to promote
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