Constructing a Democracy

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Introduction The construction of a democracy requires vision, ambition and decisiveness because democrats must not only construct the constitution of liberty for their homelands but also build a democracy that delivers a competent state, respectful of its citizens. Democratic designers must construct a regime that rests on a workable balance between the hopes and constraints of their societies and a constitution and institutions that would render the state not just democratic but also effective. Democratic designers should therefore counsel self restraint for political actors by acting within the rule of the law as well as ensuring that the interests of the minorities and the poor are represented. They advise government officials to…show more content…
Some scholars point to effectiveness of government at economic delivery as the key to democratic durability. Others see the ability of citizens to exercise basic political rights as the sine qua non of legitimation. All these arguments are correct in that the provision of of social-economic equality and political rights rests squarely on the shoulders of the government. Administrative responsibility is not less important to democratic government than administrative efficiency; it is even a contributor to efficiency in the long run. Indeed, it is tempting to argue that the first requisite is responsibility, and if that is properly instituted efficiency will follow. The modern state is concerned with a vast sphere of services of a mixed nature. They are repressive, con- trolling, remedial, and go as far as the actual conduct of industrial, commercial, and agricultural operations. Its work ranges over practically every sector of modern individual and social interest, from sheer police work, in the sense of apprehending and punishing assaults on per- son, peace, and property, to the actual ownership and management of utilities. I need not dwell on this point further, nor upon the range and detailed intensity of the state's operation, nor the large percentage of men and women among the gainfully occupied population it employs in the strategic positions in society. The weight and immensity and domination of this behemoth, for our good as well as for our control, are
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