Constructing a Worldview

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I consider that conceiving an idea of a worldview is itself an impressive achievement of the human mind. Moreover creating your own is even more impressive. Rome was not built in a day, and neither was my worldview. A worldview takes many years of experiences, and thinking to construct and to differentiate from others. Perhaps, the Christian worldview is centered on the idea of God and the relationship between God and human beings, and indeed it has profoundly influenced the development of Western civilization, to give an idea of how important worldviews are. My worldview, conversely, center of attention is my experiences as a human being. It encompasses from realizing my insignificant place in the universe to coming to understand the…show more content…
Apart from the news on celebrities which is a fascination in our society these days, it is not difficult for a layman to gain a glimpse at the problems that most afflict humanity by simply seeing the headlines and thinking about what unites them. It is not difficult to gain an idea of what is closest to human hearts when we are so passionately moved by movies and music, by turning our heads to the heavens, or by seeing a woman help an elderly person across the street. It is simple to have faith in humanity’s ability to move forward when we see that, despite setbacks in the forms of wars and armed conflicts, humans were able to eliminate smallpox and continue working to cure cancer. It is easy to believe in the real and present danger of war when one sees images of the World Trade Center, the shadows of edifices and people long since departed seared into the ground upon which thousands of people walk daily, after they suffered a horrendous terrorist attack. The willingness I feel to help those in need is confirmation enough that there is yet hope for mankind.
This view of the world in
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