Construction And Architecture Of The Kirtland Temple

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There are many ancient buildings that have withstood the test of time because of their construction and architecture. Some have undergone various renovations, others total reconstructions. A few locations of such happenings include these: World famous and believed to be created in the first hundred years AD, the Al Khazneh in Petra of Jordan was once used as a mausoleum or a crypt (Macaulay-Lewis, n.d.). This building is now a tourist attraction and has been made famous by being featured in films from around the world. Now a mark in American history, the Kirtland Temple in Kirtland, Ohio of the United States was built as a place of Latter-Day Saint worship in 1833. The Latter-Day Saints were driven out of the city after they had been persecuted by former members of the church, hate mobs, and government officials (Hepzibah, 1838). The Kirtland Temple is now owned by another Christian organization, Community of Christ Church, and is a tourist attraction for its historic nature. The more recent and yet forgotten Todd County, Kentucky staple, the Ole Opera House in Guthrie, Kentucky of the United States, was once a furniture store on the lower level while harboring a stage on the upper level where silent films were featured from 1920-1949. (United States Department of the Interior, 2012) More recently, the building has used as a diner (Brown, 2003), and earlier this year was sold again. Who knows what is in store for the Ole Opera House of Guthrie as a functional future?

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