Construction And Demolition Wastes Measurment

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Chapter 6:
Construction and Demolition Wastes measurment:(waste treatment and recycling) and Material flow of waste from construction and demolition sites to the Processes L, N, P, S, and V.
6.1 Solid Waste:
This chapter focuses on left side(output) of Input-Output sheet(IOS) in residential projects in CH_IN.(table: 5-1)
Construction and Demolition waste in short C&D waste is a worldwide issue that concerns not only the construction activities on-site and managers but also the SD of construction industry. In this study, detailed formulas are listed for calculating the costs of three typical kinds of disposal processes of C&D waste. They are Landfill Disposal process V, Recycling process P, and Reuse process S. Maghale 252TOBCTJ
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Waste includes both the demolition wastes and construction waste, which generate additional costs but do not add value to the building(Koskela 1992). Demolition waste are much morethan construction waste , almost 30 times.China generates enormous amounts of solid wastes that are growing rapidly in building sector. there are many shortcomings in the field of waste management: Waste management relies mainly on land filling, the rate of simple and uncontrolled disposal is still very high in building sector. The composition of the waste is very complex, with high water content and hazardous substances such as asbestos. The different solid waste fractions are mixed up, thereby hindering the efficient reuse(process S) and classification of the waste. The mix-disposal of waste causes pollutions that are not going to be ignored. Maghale Xiamen2013
Solid waste flows are produced by 4 different processes and the volume and type of materials produced can differ greatly in building projects.10 Demolition projects in this study often produce 30 times as much waste material per SQMT as 20
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